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Lecture 5

Week 5 Lecture

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Dan Silver

DURKHEIMhow do we see social solidarity what is social solidarityLIFEhe is the first academic French sociologisthad a job called sociologist fits with his type of personalityinterested in institutions had institutional recognitionset up journals for sociology had students studying sociologyif you were with Durkheim he would get you a job in sociology if not he hates youborn in April 18 1858 is Jewishwas son of rabbi was supposed to become a rabbicame from intellectual backgroundafter he had comingofage ceremony got interested in metholicismreligion is importanteventually got to go to Parisdidnt do so well in University normal curriculum is traditionalhave to know science and apply scientific thinking to your worldbarely graduated and planned initially to go into philosophy but didnt because too concerned with splitting hairs not concerned with dealing with social practical problems of modern dayDurkheim really believed that his scientific work would contribute to moral health of societygoal to create scientific sociological system not as vocation but as means to provide moral direction to societytaught education for his first career thought the study of education is main topic for sociologywrote most famous important works in sociologypublished Division of labour in society for phDstarted first academic journal for sociologygot a job when he was old started writing a book on religionmost part of his life was being academic and was major player of Dryfuss Affairhe was also involved in WWI led propaganda campaignsSOCIAL FACTSwhat is distinctive to sociologytook this question as challenge if there is something special there has to be goals and social facts how you recognize themsocial fact is not1everything that goes on in society people drinking sleeping eating thinkingsome kind of social interest in keeping those things goingsociety wont last very long so there are social meanings for those thingsthose facts are mixed up with other subjects psychologymain qualityattribute of social fact1externalhanded down outside of youhave law and dutiesif you want to do them youre not the one who made them upeg certain expectations we are here because are students we did not make it uppart of the furniture of the world outside of you2coercivenorms that come with a studentif you dont conform theyre going to push you and you try to push back
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