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Lecture 11

lecture 11

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Dan Silver

Lecture 11April0511310 PMIntersection of Social CirclesMetroMental LifeTragedy of CultureConflict of CultureFinal3 Sections Identification quotationsall authors we read this semesterDefinitions to explain meaning of terms to give examples and try to say their more broader and general significance 6 marks each3 parts 3 Definitions from Simmel choose from 51 from Mead 3 options3 total from WeberDurkheim 6 options 2 from 1 and 1 from the other setShort essay questionsFirst Short essay Will be on Simmel2 generic questions choose 119 Marks eachTodays LectureIntersection of Social CirclesSimmel tries to explain price of individualism and individuality in modern societyWe saw what we thought were the cultural key stages conspicuous individualism etcThen we started talking to the sociological aspect how to create higher levels of individuality in people who live in those structuresTalks about group expansionIntersection of Circles the degree to which the social circle youre in overlaps or intersects with a whole bunch of other circlesBasic thesis the more intersection and overlap you have with the groups youre involved in the higher the sense of uniqueness and individualityNo matter what you think about yourself youre develop a stronger sense of your individuality if youre in multiple groupsSituate this Simmel really thought in a way social development is a movement from ascription to achievement as the basis of your social connectionSaw this in Toqueville its sociological lingoAscription refers to parts of yourself give to you by birth ascribed quality where youre from your parents job the religion youre born inAchievement what you do the things you achieve with the things youre given thru lifeHe wanted to know which of these 2 mattered more or lessFelt achievement mattered moreIn an ascriptivelyheld society usually premodern people usually grow together by birth and were stuck together in the same town which made them find their friends life etcAchievement means you develop your own things in life and seek out your friends job community etc by yourself rather than it being given to youA modern society more things will matter based on your achievements and your life rather than stuff youre born withEg the way universities are organized today in comparison to medieval timesUsed to be based on religions considerations it was always a separate entity based on the national tradition and heritageThe modern university is placed on academic discipline and the topics youre studyingSo if you go to this school you chill more with people who do the same thing you do SOCB43 Page 1
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