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Dan Silver

AgendaSociology as Science of Action y Theory of Action y Natural Science vs Social Science y Ideal TypesPower y Authority y StratificationSociology as Science of Actionp 312definition of sociology by Weber y Sociology as a science that studies meaning behind peoples actionsTheory of ActionWill tell you the general typology set of types for what appears to be random actionsThese are basic types of ways in which people get meaning out of what they do y The theory of actionthe typology of actionIf you have the typology youll know what to look for when you go outtry to study a concrete case y Typologies help reveal what organizes the actions of others so that it is not just random4 Major Typologies 1 GoalOrientedPurposeful RationalityIn a lot of ways its the most rationalYour actions in the future may or may not change based on its consequencesEg you punch someone so you can coerce them into taking notes for you 2 ValueOriented RationalityDoes not care for the consequencesoutcomes of your actionAction is fully based on ones valuesKey difference between 12 is the relationship to consequencesEg you punch someone because they insulted your mother 3 Affective actionAction is merely an emotional reactionDoes not have any relations with consequences or valuesThe line between 23 is not always clear
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