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Dan Silver

AgendaRationalizationBureaucracyCharismaScience as a VocationReligious Rejections of the WorldRationalization How Did It Come About 1 Science 2 Art 3 Architecture 4 University 5 Bureaucracy 6 Constitutional state 7 Capitalism modernMain Characteristics of Bureaucracy 1 People have jurisdictional areas o This defines the scope of what they have control over o This is different from what people did beforeFamilyTraditionEtc 2 There is office hierarchy o There is a particular chain of command o Your career is about moving up the ladderCareer advancement is about learning the functions of the positionNot so much about who you know although that will still play a small part 3 There are files o Documentsreferences of what has happened everything is kept on record o Kept in a special place not at peoples homes 4 Its a full time job 5 Order is kept by general rules o Rules have to apply to everybodynot just someone in particular o Special favours cannot be given to anyone in particularAny favouritism for one must become a favouritism for all 6 Positions are by appointment o Jobs are appointed through credentialsability
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