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Dan Silver

Spirit of Capitalism Protestant Ethic PESC Religious Rejections of the World It connects things that seem to be disconnected On one hand you have intense religious conviction on the other the cold hard rationality of capitalism One paves the way to the other He chose his words carefully The spirit of capitalism is what animates that drive The protestant ethic a branch of Christianity that contrasted Catholicism Protestantism says everyone can have a direct relationship with God instead of having to go through a Priest The deepest Faith have the closest relationship with God Those are all questions of theology His interest is in those theological questions do they translate into an ethic A way of lifeWhat is SC Time is money Industriousness is a moral duty You have a moral duty to get worth And being uncreditable worth is a bad idea and a moral violation of what an upstanding person should be doing Everyone should be able to see what a rational trustworthy person So you should just be a good hard working person all your lifeModern vs adventure capitalism People always wanted to get rich Adventure capitalism is usually just one single big thing that you do to make money And it isnt usually done by a great majority of people just a select few Not just about really rich people who have lots of money The great majority of people in modern capital system are working hard day n and day out and are trying to steadily methodologically trying to increase their profits Have a good business plan Most people have an ongoing planNow people want to work as little as possible and even betterget other people to do the work for youWhy care People get this value but you might think thats nice but thats just ideas people have and ideas they have about their work Its just the surface What really matters is if youre rich and own the means of production Rich people like capitalism poor dont because theyre getting exploitedWeber makes a strong point between ideal and material Weber argues that these ideals are historically more important in driving early capitalism than materialism Because capitalism did not appear among the richest people first T shows up where people didnt have big time commercial activitysmall towns They were generally poor and on the brink of falling into a barter economy The rich were the ones that lacked this modern spirit capitalism Hated working dedicated their whole lives to avoid working Capitalism is not fundamentally driven by materialism and who controls property1 people who were mostly poor created capitalism 2 This modern work ethic was historically considered bad
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