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Dan Silver

Rationalization BureaucracyCharisma Science as a Vocation Religious Rejections of the WorldPlease bring a copy of an introduction of an essay to tutorialRationalization How did it come about that people in the West developed a calculated methodological approach to every aspect of life If what youre doing fails or doesnt make rational sense to you you can just change it Its a strange and atypical way to live and frightening to many other traditional cultures because it could be deemed that what they have been doing this whole time is irrationalWhat Weber does is shows the power of the transition and how the rationalization developedNowhere else do you find a mathematical foundation for astronomy systematic 1 Scienceexperiments like you do in European labs special institutions for investigations of nature 2 ArtPeople have developed refined musical ears all over the place but arranging sounds in a systematic way in harmony happened first in the West or writing music musical notation Allows you to think about music in an abstract way Development of perspective in paintings 3 ArchitecturePeople made wonderful buildings everywhere but in the West the designs allowed us to hold lots of weight using modern math 4 UniversityThey had places of higher learning but having them organized around specific disciplines and specialties is a modern Western invention5 BureaucracyA specialized civil service city or gov have been around all over the place but the very basis of socialization organized on its own basis is a modern Western invention6 Constitutional StateState where you have a constitution based on a theory of a proper form of government with a written framework Rules that you think through based on a theory Rationalization of political life 7 CapitalismRationality of the pursuit of profit Methodological quantitative systematic In the modern society we live by the head rather than the heart not smarter just systematic and rationalizedWeber was one of the first people to study bureaucracy and its impact on society It is so deep seededBureaucracy main characteristics 1 Jurisdictional AreasRoles in this office defines who is in charge and the scope of your work and what authority they have over other people2 Office HierarchyYou have lower offices supervised by higher ups with a chain of command Your career is about moving up the ladder and getting promoted Career advancement is based on learning the right functions not about what friends you have Based on how well you perform and function 3 FilesThey have written filesdocumentsrecords of what is happening Kept in a special place not in peoples homes Part of the organization that lasts beyond the role of the person and the duration of their employment Persist beyond the specific person in the role 4 Full time jobYou get salary and your job could just be an office manager keeps the office flowing Administration becomes a full time job that you put all your energy into How can we make this work in the most efficient way possible
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