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Dan Silver

Function of DOL Mechanical Solidarity Organic Solidarity Causes of DOL Pathologies of DOL Function of DOL He does not use function in a vague n general way He is talking about a very specific way The function that your digestive or respiratory system ser to maintain the integrity of the organism What does DOL do for society Its not about peoples purposes or intentions the question is what does it do for society as a whole Durkheim says it is NOT Civilization like intellectual and material aspect of society A society with a DOL has a lot of civilization in it so it does lead to all those things but Durkheim argues that societies that have more civilization have the most crime and suicides in themAs societies become more productive wealthy and scientifically advanced the more people kill people and themselves and commit crimes Civilization seems not to be distributed equally among all members of society It brings moral degradation Unless we can find a deeper moral purpose to create wealth we have no idea why anyone would want to specialize in terms of moral health So if its not civilization its solidarity He thought the true function was t o create social cohesion among society Mechanical solidarity Birds of a feather flock together based in similarity and likeness Its the sharedness that holds us together Organic solidarity Opposites attract I see qualities in you that I dont have so I want to know you or do business with youHe says the true function of DOL is to create organic solidarity Mutual interdependence You do things I need and I do things you need but were dong different things DOL Links peoples lives together across space making us all more than we can be than if we were all alone Creates bonds among us that we wouldnt have otherwise hadIn a general way the DOL serves the function of creating solidarity But how much does this DOLcontribute to the solidarity of society in relation to theWhat is the best kind of life to lead The well rounded mechanical person or the specialist organicWhich kind of life does society tell us we have to dois more important Which as a social fact is society requiring us to do So how do you compare these two kinds of solidarity You cantThis is one of Durkheims big breakthroughs He says you can measure t objectively if you look to the law
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