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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dan Silver

One of our big themes today is justice Tutorials this week to help prepare for the midterm Midterm formatIdentification of texts Short answer defining concepts example why it matters Short essay question thIn class next week March 6 covers everything up to this week Pathologies of DOL DOLModern Morality Sacred and Profane Beliefs rituals church Collective Effervescence Pathologies of DOL Types Anomie Forced Uncoordinated way the DOL can go wrong A Arent any rules yet about how things are supposed to relate to each other Work and home used to be fused had family businesses Now you have workplaces where you leave your home to go to Can create a lot of tension if you dont have regulation F The more DOL the worse it is for you the more possibilities the more you can imagine doing it but you cant because you already have a role U Role and personality will discover you have a certain personality type but you dont usually end up in roles that are suited to your personality type Think you would be more fulfilled if you were doing something else Goes together with DOL as DOL proceeds and expands its making things worse for people Forced to do things they dont want to do So Durkheim wants to analyze this because these ideas are from people like Marx Smith Comte DOL is tearing society apart etc So the moral obligation is to resist DOL Durkheim says these problem are pathological problems but not problems with DOL itself The real problem is if you have those problems occurring the DOL hasnt gone far enough you need to push it fartherProblem with anomie isnt that you dont have enough to choose from you just dont have a regulatory system yet DOL in its true form only works when you have a system set up where people with appropriate skills can get into those tasks where those skills will be useduncoordinated causes anxiety because people dont know what to do with their lives You need to actually have a system where you do work where you feel needed So you need to have an educational system with new differentiated roles to help you figure out what you want to do with your life ex guidance counselor
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