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SOCB43 lecture 5

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Dan Silver

Lec 5 1. Religious Rejections 2. Durkheim: a. Social facts b. DOL in society i. Agenda and structure ii. Function of DOL Weber  Really interested in Puritanism  How is Puritanism different compared to other religions?  Tried to come up with a way to categorize other religions  Salvation religion promised ppl redemption  Weber started to believe that there is something that can save you from this world  Ppl are more connected to salvation religions then their families  The sense of family has weakened  Treating all ppl as equals comes from salvation religions  Does religion have an active orientation: think of yourself as a tool to gods will. You actually have to go out and work (Ex. Help the poor). Or a Passive orientation: don’t have to be active, you are gods vessel  Other worldly: withdrawl from the world and politics and temptations of money and music, and instead stay in the church Inner worldly Other worldly Active  Missionaries, jhevoas  Monkish(in a monastery witness separated from the world, away from  Active association  Avoid giving into everyone) temptations Passive  Sacred wanderer(go out  Mysticism (Buddhism) and you don’t have a plan to change the world, you let fate carry you)  Tensions with salvation religions: o Economy: is very impersonal  limited personal relationships  in salvation religions you have to love everyone like brotherly love  the economy Is dehumanizing o Puritan Ethic:  Work is a vocation  How does this make the economy livable?
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