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Dan Silver

SOCB43H3 Lecture 11April 3rd 2012Group InteractionIntersection of social circlesmetromental lifetragedy of cultureconflict of cultureWe were talking about the theory of individualism conspicuous individualismshowing off look at me Im great etc egalitarian individualismyou are as an individualism which you share with other people your true self Theres a final version of individualism called qualitative individualism in finding out how different you are from other people We want to know the social conditions that produce this type of individuality What types of relationships causes people to think of individualism That is what the first two topics are about group expansion and intersection of social circles Both of them are relatively simple propositions that the bigger the group the more individuality the smaller the group the less And the more overlapping groups that you are in the more individuality the less overlapping the less Group Expansion Think of two different groups of people group m and group n group m is a little group and n is a bigger group Now the people who are in m the idea is that clearly the DOL hasnt gone very far People here are pretty similar to one another Its a closed circle they may have the same religion Theres people from the same town and dont interact with many other types of people similar features and outlooks in life Lets say m starts expanding and becomes n As that happens one thing that is likely to be seen is differentiation will occur competition the division of labour there will be many types of people now because it is a slightly bigger group So youre going to have aristocrats peasants lawyers merchants all these types of people are now present What happens then Whatever place gets big its always the case that there are different types of people that are starting to emerge in these bigger groups They are probably class differences between aristocrats and peasants lawyers and merchants Once the group gets bigger essentially you have these internal differences Youre not as directly defined by your background where youre from Now there are aristocrats from different places that are similar to each other be comfortable around each other The merchants wherever theyre from they have similarities This will now become basis of new circles its all based on what you do That is
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