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Lecture 8

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Dan Silver

SOCB43H3SLecture 8 LifeThe Act Interaction Child Development The I and the Me ScienceMorality LifeHes the first nonEuropeanth Born February 14 1863Father was a minister family long line of clergies father taught at Overland College in Ohio Strong Calvinistic at Overland College they read classics over and over and werent open to new social development Mead lost his faith illusion of the churchHe was an engineer working on railways and design the tracks Thats important because this hands on experience where you have to confront and adapt to the real world it made an impression on him He mentioned that he wanted to study philosophy and got in contact with William James a leading philosopher brother of Henry James a novelist He went to Germany for his studies because that was the centre of intellectual life He was graduated and ready to become a professor and started teaching in Michigan then University of Chicago in the 1890s It was important because it had rapid expansion just a little fort to a metropolis That was due to the opening up of this university He wanted it to be a symbol of Chicago not that uptight boring east coast Rocafella recruiting the best faculty members in the world John Dewey is another psychologist thats important He was a major social activist He opened up these settlement houses He would meet other people and have a clean place to live Mead taught in social psychology almost invented it actually He was attracting students from all over He was a great lecturer He had a hard time writing however and was never satisfied to write down his ideas He was more comfortable with a verbal flow ie in a conversation He never published a book We are reading a compilation of his lecture notes collected by his students He actually did end up dying in 1931 That was his boring life basically Hes an action theorist ie Weber about people doing things rather than the structure of the organization Even though he had education in psychology and sociology he created social psychology which was aimed to understand how our mental life and ourselves and our understanding of that are products of interactions with others It is that idea that there is a link between interaction and our capacity to have a mind thats what hes known for in sociology
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