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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dan Silver

Sociology lecture 4 February 1 st Religious Rejections Felt that the real world is an illusion and religion Active indicates we are agents of gods work (Puritan) Passive we are vessels of god which he is simply filling up outer being in isolation (Mystic) Spares (Tensions towards religions) Economy Religions that promise a fulfilling life are conflicted by money and the economy which stimulates greed Creates impersonality, we are supposed to be a big family seeing others as brothers and sister, economy has created faceless interactions Relationships between mortgage buyers and sellers You cannot love someone who is just a number This is reversed by possible solutions are Work is a calling must be hard working and maintain your state of grace and give it up good make profit while bad does not (Puritan) If you earn or have money give it away drop everything you have and let your self go (Mystic) Politics Promised that they would change the world Source of tension is due to o Impersonality and religions unionizes people o Power based on hierarchy there is a lot of tension o Violence religions oppose the state due to their actions o Realpolitik states do not follow morality they focus on interest and calculating
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