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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Dan Silver

Lecture febuary 15th Durkheim Moral value of specialization Function of DOL 1. What is the function of DOL 2. What causes DOL 3. What are abnormal forms of the DOL What is the function of the DOL o What needs it serves for society as a whole o How does the DOL aid or improve society opposed to societies without o Not civilization o To increase wealth and standard of living which in turns makes us more culturally enriched o Strong case that increasing civilization decreases the moral health of a society o These society have the highest suicide and crime, overall decrease in social solidarity o Something is moral only when it creates obligations o DOL bring material increase along with moral degradation o The true function is solidarity o Sense of together-ness o Which results in a mechanical solidary (A connection due to similarity) o Become a common unit due to common values o Organic solidarity (In which opposites attract, differences between others complement and complete each other)
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