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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Dan Silver

st March 1 2010 sociology notes DOL: Pathologies DOL had the potential to split others apart Have more general humanistic natured education (learn how to read philosophy, speak about feelings) DOL (if done right can correct its own problems) o Anomic and creates Anomie Refers to rules with regulation Likely to occur in the early days, or when new specialties are created New tensions in society, therefore it is natural that at first society will struggle to adapt Anomie is created due to frustration, in adapting to new Anomie will be worked out once society establishes its specific roles Once crisis occurs rules can be created to accommodate change o Forced Certain groups are allowed to work or participate in certain jobs or positions Solution is to allow everyone to work into these positions o Uncoordinated The role that you have in life does not suit your personality Example football player CB may not be a leader or crack under pressure In the past this was acceptable due to the low volumes of roles, it is now acceptable because you feel alienated due to the vast amounts positions It is seen now that many people have different occupations in the past you were restrained to before
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