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Week 8 Lecture Note

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Dan Silver

SOCB43 WEEK 8 LECTURE March 1, 2011 Have special festivals and social unity to create commonality of people Prof. D Silver (politics) Pathologies of DOL Durkheim thinks DOL can solve its Modern morality own problems if it is done right Religion 3 different problems of DOL 1 pathology is anomic (anomie) Scared + profane rules are lacking occurring in the early Beliefs, rituals, practices days of DOL Collective sparkle New specializations come out before Midterm based on Durkheim and things are settled Weber Deep conflicts between owners and workers a very big problem in Identification, quotation, capitalism and to correct it is to have a definitions revolution Comparison of webers theory What youre doing is not contributing Durkheim theories to the larger society Marx discussed this in alienation What modern morality has to be? Durkheim link up owners and Fundamental principle is justice workers the feeling of anomie will decrease real enforceable rules how Adam Smith is a great analyst of DOL owners should treat workers DOL made people more stupid, less When new specialties are created feeling of anomie surfaces again useful and more specialized nd Smith says to have more general 2 pathology is the forced DOL education for people to solve problems There are rules that force some of DOL classes in some roles to prevent them Comte thought DOL would split from doing other roles people up in society and fragment sub- In England only certain types of groups family background to take civil service exam to work for government feeling of alienation 1
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