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Lecture 11

SOC B43 Lecture 11

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Dan Silver

LECTURE 11Group Expansions Intersections of social circles Metro and Mental Life Tragedy of Culture Conflict of Culture Talked about different kinds of individualism last class He wanted to not the things that produce this idea of individuality The first two group expansion and intersections of social circles focus on that Group ExpansionM NOYou will see different types of people the larger the group gets ex Aristocrats Lawyers Merchants Peasants Workers etc Not everyone is the same youre not as directly defined as your background And now Aristocrats from different places now have things in common As group sizes get bigger you can have a social life based on your job what you do This is how group expansion creates new types of social relationships A second thing that happens shifts around personal and collective individuality In the small groupthere isnt a lot of room for you to develop your own likes and ambitions everyone knows what youre doing cant really try new things But at the same time it is a very unique group So all small groups are very unique and individual in a collective sense but within the group they are all the same In big groups each one is kind of the same But each individual within the group is very unique and individual SmallHigh collective Low Personal LargeLow collective High Personal Individualism and Cosmopolitan Citizen of the world Cosmopolitanismfeeling more connected to the universe rather than your home town Christianity is a good example of cosmopolitanismSpoke of the individualOnce Christianity came along each person could make a decision on their own they didnt have to convince a group so there was massive world conversion Intersecting Social Circles Everyone in the town is from the same country from the same religion same job Function of the group theyre in
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