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Lecture 10

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Dan Silver

LECTURE 10Simmel Social forms Conflict Hierarchy Sociability Social Types The Stranger FreedomThe Individual Group Expansion Intersection of Social Circles Social forms Conflict Conflict is a major topic in sociology A lot of people study itHe wasnt interested in why conflict occurred doesnt think conflict necessarily will break things apart or make people fall apart He thought there were two sides to everything It can be disassociating and associating aspect Being in conflict with someone is being in a kind of relationship with themyou are not in an indifferent relationship with them You care about them which is why youre fighting with them Conflict itself is neither good or bad Groups have conflictual elements that pull it together and pull it apart1 Conflict and integration It can have a positive or negative function He says every social unit has both conflictuous and harmonious elements Often conflicts and competitions hold people together and make people drawn to it Ex Sportscompeting with other teams MarriageWe have an image that in an ideal marriage people never fight No way LOL When you get married youre basically picking who you want to fight with for the rest of your life If you start freaking out when you have a fight and want to break up then you have a weak relationship It is healthy to fight in a marriageit brings people together Workplace too2 Two Levels of Unity 1 Unity as opposite to conflict 2 Unity that includes both Can think of life in this way Lifedeath or life as a process including both life and deathKind of metaphysical ways of thinking about it 3 Conflict for itself The whole purpose of a group is to create conflict Creates opportunities to get together to fight Ex UFC 4 Temporal Dimensions Order in which the conflict unfoldsa People who start out in a conflict who have high animosity towards each other will have a better bonding experience later b People who start out in a close loving relationship then you get in a conflict the result can end up in a more hateful relationship
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