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Dan Silver

1SOCB43 Lecture 2Sociology as Science of Action for Weber a group of people doing anything you always have to understand why they are doing it what it means to them and what important it has The meaning is what sociologists study The meaningful actions become social actions related towards other people sitting in my room thinking alone thats action but not social action If I get together with other people and think about ideas thats social action What are our goals and motivations Actionmeaning sets Weber apart from others For example Marxfocus was on classes are you a worker or owner Smithlandowner or capitalist or workerWebers focus was very different subjective meaning on the people who participate what do they get out of it Studying in a Churchless interested in the organization of the Church but it would be aboutwhy do they go to Church Whats the meaning for them and for the priest Way that its organized how does it produce that meaning Work importance is not on money it is what does the work mean to youexpression of your calling in life Closer to God Sociology has to study what people are doingacti
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