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Lecture 3

Classic Sociological Theory Part 2- 24th January 2012- Lecture 3.docx

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Dan Silver

Classic Sociological Theory Part 2 th24 January 2012 Lecture 3 The Protestant and Spirit of Capitalism The number one classic ever written It has a real power that connects things that seemed to be disconnected The ideal type of protestant transform into the ideal type of capitalism Why did he use Spirit of Capitalism and not just Capitalism Weber studied it from not only an economical level but the meaning that they get from capitalism People wouldnt do it unless it had a meaning Contrast to Catholism where the religion was highly depended on the Priest If you wanted to talk to god you had to talk to the Priest so he can talk to god for you However Protestanism says that everyone has a close relationship to godAn Ethic is a way of life a practice Weber is interested in how all the theories of god determines a way of live how to live in your day to day life Spirit of Capitalism What is it Why do we care Where did it come from Pg75 Remember time is moneyIndustriousness is a moral duty you have a moral obligation to get rich Dont be idle and dont waste your time and not be productive Must always make people think you are good and hard working all the time This attitude Weber described to be a
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