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Dan Silver

AgendaSpirit of Capitalism SC o What is it o Why care about it o Where did it come fromProtestant Ethic PE o What is it o What does it say about moneywork o How does it lead to capitalism o What is the capitalist world likeReligious Rejections of the World Next week Prof will announce the topic of essay 1The Protestant EthicThe Spirit of Capitalism1 classic in sociologyIntense protestant ethic vs hard rationality of modern capitalismHow the protestant ethic is transformed into modern capitalismTitle o Spirit of capitalismWhat animates the drive to work hard o Protestantbranch of ChristianityRelationship with God is no longer dependent on the priest which exists in CatholicismGrace of God is by faith alonenot by works o Ethicway of lifeProtestant ethic how Protestantism affects your daytoday lifeWhat is SCIndustriousness is a moral duty o P 75 quoting Benjamin FranklinDont be idle o Being a credible person is also a moral dutyPeople must always be able to tell that you are an upstanding hardworkingtrustworthygood personWeber makes the difference between Modern vs Adventure Capitalism o Adventure capitalism has always been aroundPeople have always wanted to get richIt describes the classic form of capitalism
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