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AgendaWeber o Religious RejectionsDurkheim o Social Facts o DOL in SocietyAgendaStructureFunction of DOL Weber was particularly interested in the puritanprotestant type of religion o He was interested in the link between the rise of that religionits influence on existing relationships in the world o How is this type of religion different from the world compared to other major religionsA particular category of religion that interested Weber was salvation religion o salvation derives from the Latin word to save o Salvation religions promise people redemptionie you will be saved from sufferingsino It saves them from something corrupt in the worldpromises them a better alternative higher world eg heavenWeber thought these type of religions were some of the most historically influential forces of social change o When people believe that theres a higher world that there are peoplenations that theyre potentially more connected to than their real blood brothersnations this changes their beliefsvalues completely o These salvation religions can break down the previous strong holds of blood relationsEg people begin thinking in a more universalglobal way Love thy neighbourlove everyone rather than just love your nextdoor neighbourReligionthe World Religions Orientation to the InnerWorldly ie you have to OtherWorldly ie you need to World get out into the world cant just withdraw from the worldjust stay inside the church stay in the church Active ie youre a tool for Active asceticism Puritan Monkish live separated from the Gods willworldeg Jehovahs witnessesGods will wont be done Mormonism missionaries unless you actively go out therechange things
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