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AgendaFunction of DOL2 types of solidarity o Mechanical solidarity o Organic solidarityCauses of DOLPathologies of DOLFunction of DOLWhat is function o ie what does DOL do for societyHow does it serve society o Its not about the purposes or intentionsBut rather how it affects society as a whole regardless of what people intend onIt is NOT civilization o ie the intellectualmaterial development of societyMaking society richermore filled up with all sorts of cultural opportunitiesWealth abundance advancement etc We saw this in SmithDOLnational wealthThis includes creation of intellectual productsEg universities has a lot of specialization which produces a lot of specialized knowledgespecialized positionsSociety with DOL has a lot of civilization in itIts welldiversehighly cultured o Societies that have more civilization also have a higher crimesuicide rateAs society becomes more productive wealthyculturally advanced people commit more crimesThis is even higher in the urban industrial core of the society compared to the rural areas o The trade off between civilizationcrime doesnt seem that greatFurthermore the civilization is not widely distributedWhile there may be great advancements in science only a few are aware of itEg only art connoisseurs know the true value of certain pieces of art o For a society to specialize DOL obviously has toAppeal to more than just a couple of peopleMake the lives of everyone better o Studying DOL may seem confusingCivil advancements vs Moral degredation
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