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Lecture 3

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Lecture 3 January.24.2012 o Spirit of capitalism o Protestant ethic- A branch of Christianity that emerged as an attack against Protestantism o PE + SC o Religious rejections of the world; this world we live in is nothing, the higher world is everything SPIRIT OF CAPITALISM - Less of a book more of an essay: It beautifully connects things that seemingly don’t relate - Intense protestant ethic vs. harsh, cold, calculated rationality of capitalism - One transforms into the other - He called it spirit of capitalism b/c of the subjected meaning. He needs to understand it structurally but more importantly what animates its drive - Played Dolly Parton’s song 9-5 (all you do is get up and go to work for someone else) - Creates a spirit of the concept of capitalism - What is SC? Uses an ex. From the autobiography of ben franklin page 75 (American founding fathers, invented electricity and had a printing store) “time is money..” o Working hard/ industrious is a moral duty/ obligation to be credit worthy by a good upstanding person o Makes a distinction 1. modern capitalism(majority of ppl are working hard methodically and steadily through a rational work plan) < interested in planned, modern capitalism! 2. adventure capitalism (which has always been around; taking a big risk/ daring with =one single, large bet/ is only done by a few giants). o Ideal (modern didn’t appear among the richest ppl, small towns in America) vs. material (ppl who hated working) 1) mostly poor ppl created capitalism 2) this modern work ethic was historically considered bad - Where did it come from? o Increasing rationalism of your day to day work. Applying scientific principles to your world (management ways of thinking). Trying to quantify using numbers as a way of thinking economically. We got rationalism from religion. One of the unintended side effects led to protestant ethic modern capitalism. Weber asked: To what extent and to what ways can it be traced back to the protestant reformation? o Protestant=puritan=Calvinist (mean the same thing for our purposes) PROTESTANT ETHIC - Ethic= is a
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