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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dan Silver

Lecture 6 February 14 2012 o Function of the division of labourWhat is functionIt is not 1 civilization intellectual and material development of society filled up with cultural opportunitiesits rich diverse and highly well cultured societies that have that also have more crime and suicides isnt widely distributed across the whole society morally it cant restrict you or make society worse moral degradationDurkhiem says theirs bodily functions eatdrink that those processes serve to maintain the integrity of the organism to stay aliveWhat does it do for society as a whole 2 Solidarity 2 types is mechanical well rounded personbirds of a feather flock togethershared similarity likeness that is a common denominator like a mechanical press organic specialized personopposites attract romantically holds us together like an organism We have to look at the social fact that society is requiring us to live byo Penal law and mechanical solidarity objectively measure solidarityLaw is the visual symbol of social solidarity We can classify society into what type of solidarity and what law is present in a higher ratio 1 Penal defined by sanction if you break them perpetrator is punished hurt cant give anything back to the victim criminal law functions to maintain mechanical solidarity stronger the sense of consciou
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