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Lecture 7

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Dan Silver

Lecture 7 February, 28, 2012 o Rise of DOL + MODERN MORALITY - Durkheim says: the key thing you need is to be guided by morality/ justice (is hard to achieve but is ideal) - This approach is so diff from Weber: science remains silent, Durkheim thinks social science can determine what the basic social facts are and the right kind of life 1. Moral rules must be fit to the times= trying to figure out the ideal life to lead, which type of solidarity is strongest in society, you don’t have to choose b/c societies already chosen for you all you have to do is accept it 2. Moral rules create social solidarity= the only way you can figure it out morally is on your own, Durkheim- society allows morality (mechanical- gives you a common template/ organic- specialized) 3. Modern solidarity based on DOL= now each individual are more mobile and less influenced by family background, enforces the idea that my work has to be a contribution to everyone else, therefore we have specialize pg 333 (you are running away from your moral obligation) 4. Doesn’t make us incomplete 5. Cultivates individual personality= to become a full-fledged person that can generate action > Durkheim by freeing you up from all those background influences, you all develop your own skills and talents (i.e. mom doesn’t know anything I’m learning) (to distinguish yourself) 6. Creates genuine human brotherhood= uniting all humanity into one 7. Justice becomes moral= in a just society everyone would fulfill the function which they are best suited o SACRED AND PROFANE - Is why ppl start to feel religious/ passion to live up to/ electric connection - Why do ppl get excited about religion in the first place? o BELIEFS, RITUALS AND CHURCH - Religious objects have certain characteristics that make it sacred 1. They are invested with a power beyond the object (i.e. the chalk he’s holding is not filled with power beyond the object, bread in church is sacred) 2. Set apart from normal lif
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