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Lecture 11

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Dan Silver

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Lecture 11 April 3 2012 week 13Group expansion 1Related to individualityGeometric thinker pictures or diagramsGroup M more or less do the same thing from the same town similar outcomes and religion has its own language and unique customs Group N differentiation occurs youre going to have different types of ppl merchants lawyers peasants warriors Group 0 gets big ppl from different areas subclasses now not everyone is the same and have different outlooks on life you have a new possibility based on what you do perform interest not just where youre from creates new opportunitiesPersonal and collective individualityEach little town is individual in a collective sense within any big city youre going to find the same types of ppl making them similarLow personal high collective small townHigh personal low collective big cityIndividualismcosmopolitanism universalism bc youre not as tied to a specific place of origin and are more mobile ex Christianity said you as a unique individual could choose missionary orientation the more orient to an individual the more available it is to be adopted by others
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