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Dan Silver

st Outline of 2011-03-15 Tuesday 1 lecture after Midterm Life The act Interaction Child development I and me Science + morality George: he is an American. He was born 1863, more like the generation like Durkheim. Father is minister, mother put lots effort in election. His father made alcohol illegal. Political sense; memorize the text and the bible. He lost the faith of the churches, and personal relationship to faith. He has a engineering background. He studied philosophy with James, who was the famous philosopher at that time. They went to study in Germany, and met the leader in psychology. He came to university of Chicago, when the Chicago was developing and the education institutions are building up. Settle houses movement: classic educational boarding for poor people. He talk social psychology in university and was a great lecturer. One problem he had was, he was never able to write down what he had say. Better at speaking than writing. That is why is not as compelling way as Durkheim. Some of his students gather together his idea as Symbolic Interactionist. He died in 1961. The Act: his teaching was in psychology and philosophy, and his studies are known as social psychology, which is trying to understand that how we are created through interacting with other people. And that is what he is really best known for. His core area is psychology. The main dominant school thought in his time, was called as behaviourism. The main idea about that was: to study human behaviours in scientific ways only way is to study the observable behaviours; I am looking at you but I dont see your mind, intention and motivation; But only the input and output behaviours; so that all we can know is the external movements. BUT, he does not think behaviourism is correct, but does agree that we have to observe something in the world to see the existence. If you believe peoples self and mind are real, you should also believe that the mind is observe but it has to be in some way it work through like something you do in the world or like your activity. SO, how can you observe your mind? Instead of looking of mind through the brain, the way is observe the mind in the world, as the activity in the world.
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