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Lecture 10

lecture 10

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Dan Silver

2011-03-22 SocB43H3 Agenda: Simmel: o Life o Methodological idea: what suppose to be study in sociology? Soc as study of Forms of Interaction o Quantitative aspects of groups o Another three form of interaction Conflict Hierarchy Sociability Exam: April 12 , 7:00Pm-10:00PM Tutorial in April 1 week + Extra office hours Contents: Reviews: Mead address the issue that are very important to other peopleWeber and Durkheim, is science and Morality. Weber is about science can tell what is the life but it is not based on the science to figure it out; sci is tell the goals; sci is the highest value of daily activity, and the most important thing in life and can give the purpose. Durkheim, oppostitely, says that soc sci can tell what is life in a very general way which allow the social solidarity; it is for something political and practical goal. Mead, wants to find the middle ground; you dont have two perspectives; the key is you need to have a more fluid conception of human being in their goal which is people can reframe and reconstruct their goals in their actions by using their intelligencescience; so that sci did both, which is the means of achieving the goal and also changing the goals and reframing the goals; for example, public health: ppl figure out to improve the health in the society by using sci, if more people using birth control then the general level of health is higher; but this is contradict to religion; but it is the time of opportunity for religion to rethink and by doing these the religion could be more complex and redefine their goals; as well as sci; using the example of hospitalin which it is doing good through improving the general healthppl is complicated machines [by using the animals as the
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