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Lecture 11

lecture 11

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Dan Silver

2011-03-29 Conflict: From 3:30PM Example 1: temporal dimension. The conflicts are different between the ppl who are friends before and the ppl who are enemies before. The previous relationship matters. If you are friends, in a close personal way, but not you are not. And you get into the conflicts that might be way worse. In another case, you understand and expect your enemies to disagree with you and dislike you. Example 2: conflict for itself. The reason for marry is not for conflict. But there are some relationships are there for conflicts and competitions. What kinds of relationship actually make and for conflicts? Politics, or governing, competitions games, boxing, lawyers (case depending), in which you interacting people by fighting with them. Sociability: What is it? In the before, it is about interacting with other ppl. It is a form of interaction and association, where whole rules, and styles are there in order to keep the interaction going on or keep the pressure taking in place. What is an example of Simmel? A party. What is the purpose of a party? There is nothing else, and they are just being there and for the pleasure of other ppl. It does not matter what are you talking when you are dancing back and forth as long as you keep the sociable environment going on. What sociability does? Because the very social as the purpose. So sociology is being social. Parties are the best way to really see the social interaction, because they are a kind of association just about socialization. This is the pure action in the party for associations. o There also are other purposes in the party, but they are the reasons why parties are different from the community. For example, ppl social with others and make the network. Features: o Autonomous. it has to be independent. So we go parties for a purpose, but there is something else above that, which really makes for the social interaction. So what is the something else? There are informal rules to create feelings of the parties.
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