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SOCB43 Lecture 10 Forms of Interaction: Conflict, Sociability Conflicts: - Not always bad: you have a group, it is somehow integrated together. Anything that separates us, is negative (lose social connection; weakening this is conflict); inherently disassociating - You are connected to the people you are in conflict way. If you fight with someone, even though you may not like them, you care about what they thinksaydo; certain way of being associated with others in a conflictual way. What types are there? Can it be across institutions? 1. Conflict & Social Integration - it has a positive component; can integratedconnect; it is not necessarily harmonious (Contrast to Durkheim); Simmel believes every social unit has convulsionsdiversions and it keeps the group together; the conflicts intentionsrivalries keep them together. Ex. Sports teams allows for it because you compete for higher positions by playing their best which in turns allows for the team to do well. Economics keeps firms together by competition. You spend time thinking about what competitors are doing. Marriage has fights between persons. A marriage is not less of a marriage with conflict and the person you are married to is the person you fight with the most and you become closer to them. Strong people in strong marriages are able to conflict; poor relationships break under conflict. Two levels of unity of a group: 1. Unity of a marriage opposite is conflict (life vs. death) 2. Deep unity - involves both unity and conflict (life and death are part of the same process) 2. Temporal dimension of conflict (what is conflict like in interaction); how does conflict relate to their overall relationship. Conflict is different between friends who are now enemies AND different between people who were enemies and now friends. If you used to be friendsconnected, if you get into a conflict, it would be worse. If you were always enemies, you are more understanding of the other person if you fight because you never understood each other beforehand. 3. Conflict for itself marriages is not formed to have conflict but a component of it is conflict; some relationships main purpose is just being able to conflict and rival. Examples of these relationships are: boxing, martial arts are entirely based on fighting and winning. Other things like politics, law, production of goods, etc. have competition but also have another purpose (ex. to help others, govern people, etc). Sociability:
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