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SOCB43 Lecture 9 Simmel: Life Sociology as study of Form of Interaction Quantitative aspect of groups Conflict Hierarchy Sociability Midterm marks today or tomorrow Weber: Science cannot tell you what the purpose in life is only art, politicians, etc can do this. Science can however, tell you how to achieve certain goals. Science was becoming a threat to all other views because people started realizing that science does give answers Durkheim: science can tell us how to live life and give us answers to the purpose in life (which is to specialize organic solidarity). How it can be implemented is political, practical work of the bureaucratic and workers. Mead: combines both prior perspectives; start with a vague idea of what you want to do and figure it out by using intelligence (ie science) and then reshape it. Science allows you to figure out your goals and changing them so you can create new goals. Ex. Increase Public Health look around at things people do and how it contributes to goodbad health. In doing so they discover more people use certain types of contraception which reduces poverty and delinquates (this also goes against religion). It is not unsolvable but a chance for religions to rethink their dogmas to see how birth control can help society. Ex 2. Not only religions that have to redefine goals, but scientists do. The hospitals is a great achievement that have enhanced health overall. Some felt modern health did not treat persons as a whole (excluded mind, spirit, holistic). Science has goals and intelligent processes alternative to Weber and Durkheim Full moral life being able to adapt, progress: once you have a technique to change the world and ourselves; not having the same life purpose forever is okay (alternative to Weber) Simmel: Life - Born in 1858 Berlin, Germany centre of most urban, apt area - Marginal lived on the outskirts of German culture: Jewish and family of business owners - Did not accept all normal academic conventions
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