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SOCB43 Lecture 2 Sociology as the Science of Action - Theory of Action - Natural vs. Social Science - Ideal Types Power: Authority and Stratification Pg 312 Pk 1 Socio is a science action, interpretative understanding, subjective meaning, reference to others Social behaviour is when behaviours are directed towards other people. Spencer social body; giant organisms; what systems are symbolic of each other Marx social class, private property Durkheim systems that support cohesion Weber what does something mean to you? How does it affect your life? Where do definitions come from? What do you get out of something? How do you study something like this is a scientific and systematic way? There is a present and past how are they related? Need a theory ahead of time to relate to. Theory of Action Actions Tells you what are the main types of actions that people can undertake? How people make behaviour meaningful? (pg. 329 Pkg 1 four types of action, not the only ones) 1) Purposive Rational (goal oriented, instrumental) if you can figure out the persons goal, way of achieving goal, considered consequences, willing to adjust to any changes. Ex. walks out of class and see someone throw their arm. Why? Maybe they had a random tick; not an action. Or, did they have a reason for doing this. Maybe someone was threatening him and he tried to defend himself. 2) Value Rational it makes sense, not by having a worked out plan, but standing behind that is unconditionally valued, regardless of consequences, etc. Ex. person defending their honour, spouse, values, pride, morals (more than just a random act; wont question that value). 3) Affective (Emotional) Action emotional reaction to something that happened; no thought, plan or value related. One is expressing an emotional reaction 4) Traditional Action like the affective, it doesnt go with thought about purpose, you just do it because that is how it was always done. Why do we do this? Why is this a good idea?
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