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Week 3 The Spirit of Capitalism (SC) What is the SC? The protestant Ethic (PE) Why do we care about SC? PE +SC How did SC come about? Religious rejections of the world -Capitalist profit -Capitalism is spiritual the attitude of whats important in life that make profit over and over again for -people (think of it as a bible) -people would avoid to work, point is to enjoy the fruit of work but now work is good even if you got $ -PE protestant system of theoretical beliefs who god is how we suppose to relate to God ethnics how it effects the day to day life, how you work from day to day life ^ protestants live the life that I am safe ^ how work, protestant etc. Relate to capitalism What is SC? -trying to pull background attitude to motivate them to a certain behaviour -hard working is a moral duty -good people in life are the ones who are working -a duty to become a frugal saving? -never let your guards down people wont trust you says BEN 2 part Modern vs. Adventure (Ben Franklin idea) -not a big factory, small levels shop keepers balance their book and try to make a little each day this is modern capitalism try to get rich by adventure, characterized by risk speculation -filled with spirit of capitalism -not a day to day method methodical attempt ex. Purchasing stocks once a week -ppl with property cumulative wealth is good cause they got most wealth ( marxs idea) 1. Non rich ppl & 2. Rich didnt have SC ^ Weber draws attention to ideal +material interests -see in capitalism, ppl dont got material property therefore ppl cant get to material interest first, ppl like barons didnt have spiritual capitalism cause they didnt work, rich people didnt have ideal
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