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SOCB43 Lecture 4 Weber Assignment is due Thursday Feb. 10, 2010 Religious Rejections (contd) Rationalization Bureaucracy and Charisma Science as a Vocation Religion Inner Outer Active Puritan Passive Mystic - There are powers higher than religion world we are born into - People begin to live their lives in this higher and power world - We as human beings are toolsagents of Gods work and we need to carry out these commands from god in our daily lives, in our world Puritan - We can also be passive, filled with god and we do that outside of the normal world (convents, missions, etc) Puritan Mystic - What happens when people believe in the mystic? They live in a world similar to our (economics, reproduction, etc) but there are things that are different. - How do salvation type religions interfere with the norm? Weber fears these spheres of conflict. 1) Economy these religions that give these problems come into conflict with the transportation of making money and the trade system. This creates impersonality. In these religions, we are all brothers and sisters. The capital ethic is impersonal. People dont see who buys thingswho they buy them from. Treating a person as a number on your balance sheet is corrupt. You cannot love these people as Puritans would like. Puritans = love everyone Capitalism = profit of off everyone Puritan Calvinist way is a solution: - work in a calling it makes a compromise with the world possible by renounce the universal love of ethic for everyone. Focus on yourself and your state of grace through your hard work. Select a part such as universal love, and give it up. Condense it to those who help the economy. Make it an expression of your religious devotion.
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