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Lecture 4

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John Hannigan

Week 4- Lecture Notes (Oct 1 2012) Population of Canadian Cities 1850- 1911 1850 1871 1911 Toronto 30, 800 36,000 376,000 Montreal 79,700 107,000 470,000 Quebec City 45,500 St. John’s 30,500 - - Winnipeg - - 136,500 Vancouver - - 100,000 ** Population bumped up in the year of 1911. In 1850 and 1871, the population in Winnipeg and Vancouver are even lower than the St. John’s, therefore they are not on the chart. Also, the population in Toronto and Montreal grew significantly. Montreal’s population growth is more significant than Toronto’s. ** Population of US Cities 1830- 1860 1830 1850 1860 New York 202,000 515,000 813,000 Philodelphio 161,000 340,000 565,000 Chicago - 30,000 109,000 ** Indicated that industrial revolution happened to the US first, before it happens in Canada. The population growth is significant in the 1860s.** Cottage Crafts: required a number of skills, from generation to generation, Working in a factory, the skills became useless gradually. The nature of worker changed compared to workers work with skills. Factory often use children, they work long hours with minimum paid. Preindustrial time period: workplace and home are separated; live in a different area with the industry. Workplace and home are the same, bad conditions. No modern transportation system. These days, people start to live and work in the same area again. Social Class Structure is more complex. Added more layers to the class system. Industrial entrepreneur is new, people from this class come up with new ideas (ex. They build their industry, new machine, if they are successful, they will earn a lot of money). Shift of wealth, shifted from the old to the industr
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