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John Hannigan

SOCB44H3 Week 7- Lecture Notes Oct 29 2012 Robert Park, “The city, some suggestions for the study of Human behavior.” (1916) Contributions - City is an important subject for sociological investigation - There is something distinctive about the city and the way of life it creates Limitations - Time and space bound (example, Berlin in the early 90s. can’t say the differences by looking at the early European cities) - Contradictory claims (Hitler) Chicago Population 1860, 112,000 1900, 1.5 million 1930, 3.5 million - Huge growth of population - Chicago was the size of Toronto in the 1930s, still same size - Can’t expect a city to function properly when it grew so quickly, things will be out of order - “The shock city of early 20 century” - Formation of Chicago Population: - Number of people migrated, from rural areas into the city (domestic migration) - Immigration from Europe (Eastern Europe, Poland, Not so many from Hungary, Southern Europe- Italy) - They came from rural area, farms and small towns. (Important to Dual Adjustment) - Most came by boat, ships without luxuries. They brought everything they have with them. When they left, they felt like they left for good. - The only way of communication was by letter. - The founder of Chicago School of Urban Sociology is Robert Park. He came to sociology late in life, second career. His first career is journalist. - Look at things in a more systematic way, so he w
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