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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

SOCB44: December 3, 2012 * Urban Political Economy principles (page 191-193) 1. a city’s form and growth result not from natural processes but rather from decisions made by people and organizations that control wealth and other key resources 2. urban forms and urban social arrangements reflect conflict over the distribution of resources - e.g. Rouge Valley in Scarborough, ON o two groups fighting over it = Toronto developer wants to make into housing VS naturalist wants to preserve the valley - e.g. group home = two types: o (i) for those who got in trouble with the law, delinquent teenagers or released for prison o (ii) for psychiatric patients to transition into the community o people are not too happy because: crimes related to them and they feel that the trouble/crimes are being brought in the community o conflict over the right of distribution to this type of service - e.g. Toronto – conflict about tearing down of royal alex theatre and build huge series of high rise building, etc. 3. government continues to play an important role in urban life - tendency to think that somehow government is winding down in connection to globalization - large businesses/corporations/industry = millions of dollars to stay in the community - but government still plays a major role: decisions made about urban living - e.g. transit of Toronto to be built but the condition is the provincial government says that the TTC has to use the presto card system 4. urban growth patterns significantly result from economic restructuring - economic restricting = labor costs are considerably less cheaper off shore than in North America - Most labors are unionized in North America and have benefits - Profound effects on North American cities = because they were built in industrialization (e.g. as a result of factories) - Cities in North America = growth, development and economic health depended upon having these well-paying industries 1 o Disappeared = the jobs for people: more technology than the industrial/service industrial jobs.  may not be the best solution. o Industrial jobs are replaced by the jobs in Mcdonald’s, burger king, etc. and make minimum wage - Flint Michigan = tied in to auto industry in Michigan o the movie representation of that ^ - Michael Moore’s Roger and Me o flint Michigan failed in replaceing the auto industry in Michigan and failed to switch in theme park economy  why it failed = not on top’s people’s list of wanting to go there for entertainment - fantasy city - like Orl
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