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Lecture 6

Week 6 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

Chicago School of Urban Sociologypreindustrial times 20sdivide cities into schools of researchthwas very active was very influential in first three decades of 20 centuryChicago because similar to population growth in Europe during industrial revolution starting thin beginning of 20 centuryChicago was relatively small regional city at the edge between West and midWestthstarting from 20 century population growth grew from 100000 to 4 million huge amount of growthcame from 1 migration and 2 immigrationthhuge amount of immigration in 20 century people who came exclusively from central and south of Europe ie Italy and Polandmost of these immigrants did not come from European cities but from countryside farmsrural to urbanpeople who never lived in cities before and came by ship uncomfortably and landed in New Yorkmany claims of social disorganization and deviance were wrongly attributed result of being on small farm on one day and being on city of a million the next daymigrationrural to urbanpeople who lived in small towns of Midwestern US hopped on trains and landed in ChicagoChicago served as economic function because of where it is locateda time in which American West is settledinvolved cattleranging when cattle reached maturity would ship them to mar
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