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Week 9 Lecture

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John Hannigan

majority didnt live in suburbsurbanized from farmlandsuburbanization is relatively recent in naturesome suburbs existed prior to end of WWIIup until transportation era it was a long way from suburbs to citiesstreetcar suburbsbecause the streetcar was major means of transportation back in 1920s and 30s when they extended streetcar routes they would build housing along streetcar extension outwards thus housing price is based on proximity to transportationwhen mass production of cars kicked in produced highways and gave boost to suburban growthsuburban growth also due to annexationcity annexes formally independent towns and politically makes it a city itself so city itself grows largelyin recent years suburban growth has continued at rapid pace around TorontoGTA Greater Toronto Areaincludes both Toronto and its suburbs and even further outGolden Horseshoearea all the way from Oshawa to Niagara Falls golden horseshoe has been expanding in recent years due to commutingthese days growth has grown even further ie West Guelph Kitchener Waterloo East Oshawa Bowmanville Barrieinner city has become gentrified housing pricing has gone up milliondollar propertyinner city is not problem areainner suburbseg Scarborough North Yorkinner suburbs have most social and economic problemsUnited Way looked at poverty unemployment crime and discovered areas that had most trouble were inner suburbsin recent years these areas are targets for improvement programsouter contiguous adjoining suburbsToronto Etobicoke North York Mississaugaall kinds of growth happening in York Region ie Newmarket Aurorawe are within the boundary between Toronto and Durham region Pickering Ajax Whitby Oshawa Bowmanville etchuge growth in Vancouver eg RichmondAlberta Calgary and Saskatchewan are growingsuburbanized townsuburban area that used to be separate town of its own downtown separate little town is still there but all around it is suburban growth eg Markham Oakville Brampton that used to be a classic small city within its own orbit to west of Torontopremier of province back in 1960s 1970s lived in Brampton and used to commute everyday to legislature in TorontoBrampton has suburban growth found in jurisdiction of suburban growth Bramaleasuburbanized town has core which is the original suburbanized town eg Whitby Ajaxnew suburbdoes not have a corePhysical StructureAspects of Suburbsstarting in 19501980 this is the period of incredible suburban growth and suburban expansion in North Americafew reasons WWII19391945 WWII during this period there was very little new housing built in North America because most resources went into warfare eg weapons
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