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Week 10 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

Why did people move to suburbs in large numbers back in 1950s1970sreflected what was happening with baby boom after warsoldiers came back delayed families pressure not enough housing since 1920sother explanations white flight hypothesisthose who moved to suburbs who are primarily white middle class wasnt just looking for housing but fleeing from central inner citydemographics movement of populationUSrather than immigration important process is migrationthose who moved to new place not from overseas but within country itselfmovement of minorities from South America to North America moved to cities like New York Detroitmoved because of booming industrial economyage of automobile manufacturing lots of jobs Big 3Ford Chrysler GMrepresented beginning of Hispanic populationaccording to white flight hypothesis when middle class whites saw neighbourhoods filling up with blacks wanted to flee out of city so moved beyond boundaries of citiesDetroit Motor City Michiganimportance among American cities has gone down recentlywhere Henry Ford began major operations when Big 3 operatedDetroit downtown was quite a booming place in 1940s because was centre for jazz and musical clubswas also a sports city basketball baseball etc stadiums were located in downtownstarting in 1950s centre of Detroit was hollowed outwhite middle class in Detroit headed for surrounding suburbs no city was hollowed out as completely as Detroit80 of downtown Detroit population left and left behind largely poor black neighbourhood communities not much taxbased thus developed reputation of dangerous placemurder rate in Detroit 700800 per yearentertainment disappeared from centre of Detroit moved to Silver Dome located in suburbsfamous store Hudsons moved to Northlandmiddle class whites were reluctant to go downtownpeople argued that there was no reason for middle class whites to leave inner city because residential areas were segregatedwhite flight hypothesis does not apply well to Canadian citizens because not diverseToronto and Vancouver were not anglofirst group was Italians in 1950ssuburbs developed because of middle class questthey were looking not just for better housing but were looking for ideal lifestyle and suburbs represented this idealidea was push factors white flight and pull factors availability of homes little or no down payment questEdmonton 2001SuburbsInner City Population 014 yeas209109 Population 65 or older104138Single parent families asof all family households167222 of private dwellings owneroccupied637296comparing suburbs and inner city in 2001 of Edmontonwas case in 50s and 60s because young families originally settled in suburbsdifficult to find senior citizens to live in suburbs
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