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John Hannigan

(EPA) ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, banned substance, because of a heavy campaign from environmentalists. “Silent Spring” - Carsons - DDT – ‘elixir of death’ - claimed that DDT is a carcinogen - causes the thinning of egg shells in birds of prey - DDT is the most effective killer of mosquitoes DDT was discovered in 1939 by Dr. Paul Mueler in 1955, malaria was eradicated from the U.S. And the southern part of Europe (Italy, specifically) environmental movement created a ‘climate of fear’ around DDT smog (smoke causes it, so does weather, surface air heats, raises and carries away pollutants, temperature inversion.. upper layers are warm. when this happens, pollutants can't escape and are vulnerable. technology is responsible for cleanup Rainforests located mostly in equatorial regions (Africa, Latin America.. ) TREE COVER – in America increased by 40% (more trees now in northamerica than there were in 1940’s?) INDUSTRIAL REVVOLUTION began in 1800’s, increased C02 emission by ten fold. (10%) – contributes to global warming Plants absorb C02 and release oxygen. The 40% increase happened because of more C02, since it -causes plants to grow -increases crop heals -produces more food Experts say, c02 levels are 150% higher than they were with the start of the industrial revolution. They go up in the air, and act as green house effect. The sun will pass through C02, but it doesn’t allow heat from earth to radiate back out into space. Heat accumulates and it can’t radiate away into space (the greenhouse effect) Melting Ice Caps, Rising Ocean Levels – results of increased emissions of C02 1880 – (the graph predicts a trend in climate from 1880 – 2007), earth cooled off significantly till 1940’s, it was so severe environmentalists were losing heads over a future ice age. 1980, the world then began to heat up, and then there was a correlation between the temperature difference to C02 Global warming, highly controversial. The reason costs have gone up is because we’re becoming more urban, more infrastructure and there more stuff to be destroyed when natural disasters attack.(increasing costs of natural disasters) THE LAST ICE AGE – ended 12, 500 years ago, and what were living in an INTERGLACIAL period, because another ice age is coming. Plants survive on c02, So even if c02 is happening a lot, there lot more plant life, and they should absorb that ????? – consider that. (the problem is self correcting) Global warming will result in longer growing seasons (more crops) Rise of human civilization began after last ice age, when conditions warmed up, warmer than they are now. Human civilization then BEGAN, people learned to write, etc. humans appeared, under favorable conditions. Kennedy plant in US – one of the Kennedys ___ global warming?, HAZARDS smaller cars? – -Corn and sugar cane can be turned into ethanol, but it produces MORE CO2 - more fuel efficient cars -Since 1950, tree cover in the americas has increased by 40% -since the industrial revolution, CO2 emissions have increased 150% Heat, better insulation?, better insulation at homes, means, homes are air tight, keeps in warmth, keeps out the heat. The appliances, when they operate, they release pollutants. DEGRADE HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL WELL BEING -Environmentalists increase consumption e
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