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John Hannigan

 Watson and Crick—book published, showed how education can influence the conomy as opposed to the other way around  Steve Wozniak—co-founder of apple, failures in school (went to india, underwent personal transformation and as a result came up with unique products and changed education  Saint Simone Comte—perhaps most notably Marxism,  Spencer, Par sons, and Comte—early functionalists and founded sociologist. Education is functional and makes a positive contribution to society because it integrates members into a functional whole  Consensus  Discensus—everyone disagrees  RRR—reading writing, arithmetic.  Deferred gratification—u put off what u want for your LT goals  Durkheim—schools and their instilling of morals => increased social cohesion  Old soviet union—based on uniformity. They integrate around uniformity. Everything was forfeited to the state.  Yugoslavia—fell into ethnic warfare because integration had failed  Ancestral homeland—*****  Baltic republics—latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Came from falling of soviet union  Metitocracy—everything based on ur own achievements and efforts. Social hierarchy established due to test  Latent—unintended functions of education  Christina hoffsummers—“the war against boys”—the educational system is against males because theyre more disruptive and hyperactive, while femaels are more quiet and cooperative  Timothy bates—University of Edinburg, came up with stats diff between male and female intelligence measures; smartest and dumbest are men, women in the middle  Bowles and Guintess—“schooling in capitalist America”—say that uni reinforces capitalist ideals=>reinforce compliance, punctuality and discipline. Reinforces status quo and systemic exploitation and does it in really informal ways and so subtle that you’re not aware of it. says the ruling class imposes its knowledge and culture on the education system conflict theory approach  Credentialismneed more and more certificates for the same job.  Randal Collins—came up with credentialism. Credential inflation  Marx—education contributes to socialization. Class differences are strengthened by education  Communist manifestomarx wrote it, about how capitalism is evil and communism will prevail over it.  James Dean—rebel without a cause. An actor who died really young and super rebellious. ****  Inhibitory mechanisms--****  Frontal lobe—young males have it underdeveloped, and these lobes inhibit impulsive behaviour.  Ojibwae—first nations group  Gardener is o garden painter is to easel—how IQ tests culturally specific. Crime:  Repeat offender—keeps doing ti  Grand theft auto—game.  B & E—breaking and entering  Consensual crime—both parties agree. Also VICTIMLESS CRIME. Laudanum=mix of  Vagrancy—homeless and on the street  Entrapment—undercover thing with the police trying to tempt the person into committing the crime to catch them  Jon-customer of prostitute  Tricks—what the prostitute does  Edwin Sutherland—gave the idea of white collar crime. White collar crime is also super expensive and gave example of investment fund  Muggging-robbing on the street. Street crime  Copywright infringement—white collar crime  Price fixing—companies get to gethre and inflate a price  Insider trading—know whats going to happen  Forgery—faking documents  Fraud is scamming  Embezzlement—stealing from a company  Donnie brasco—undercover FBI agent trying to crack the mafia  Sopranoes—tv show about the mafia lifestyle  Goodfellas—a movie based henry hill, who is part of Italian mafia  Italian Mafia—the name for organized crime  Sicillian cosa nostra—organized crime by Sicilians  Myer Lanski—expert at money laundering, worked for al capone  Al capone—famour NY gangster. Money laundering thing about olive oil. Import companies to do that  Triads—chinese gangs  Big circle boys—name of a gang.  Kung lok, 14K, ghost shadows, all gangs  Drug cartels—latin American organized crime is what theyre famous for  Pablo escobar—most famous Columbian drug dealer, brought in the best coaches to train his soccer players to make sure  Hells angels—largest organized crime association. Outlaw bikers. Basically everywhere, mostly Caucasian. Make the mafia look like little kids. Mostly Scottish, irish, and French. Just after WW2, hells angels was the name of a fighter g=jet, these ppl came back from ww2 and really bored so they made a gang  Rock Machine—so called chapters of hells angels, los bravos, satan’s choice, chosen few, grim reapers, vagabons, and one percenters, all answer to hells angels  Graft—give legal ppl and politicians as a bribe.  Don Corleone—god father of the Italian mafia.  Loan-sharking—loan out money and put insane interest to make sure u cant get out of it.  Snuff movies—watching movies of murder—film real murder  Decriminalize—make it legal (weed).  Molestation—personal crime, least severe form of sexual assault, but rape is the worst.  Aggravated assault—do severe damage and its unprovoked  Manslaughter—accidental murder—really important!!  Criminal negligence—  Ken Lay (enron) and Jeffer skilling (enron), both did fraud.  Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom)—account frauds  Bernie Madoff—ponsey scheme0—really high return on investment, but pays the interest to someone with the other investments money.  Conrad Black (Argus corp)—canadian who charged him with 50 crimes, 4 stuck, and so he’s still in jail. Law convicted on called “honest services”  Cesare lonbroso “Crime, its causes and remedies, 1911”—how crime comes from evol theory. What distinguishes humans from animals is highly evolved moralistic sense. o ATavism—ppl who are not evolved enough. don’t develop human morality, and they are criminals. o Degeneracy— o Stigmata-features of a criminal, as claimed by lombrosso “red hair, receding hair lines, shifty eyes” o Charles Goring “the English convict-1913”—tested lombrosso’s hypothesis and disproved it  William Sheldon—ppl ID with different body types. Endomorphs, round and fat, ectomorphs— thin and tall and not ahteltic, andthen mesomorph—agile muscular athletes. Criminals most likely to be mesomorphs.  Sheldon and Eleanor gluek—physique and ID—matched 500 delinquents to 500 non delinquents and confirmed sheldons hypothesis. More mesomorph criminals  Exteriority and constraint—constraint theory is when deviance imposed on u.  Self fulfilling prophecy  Edwin Lemert “social pathology”—came up with idea of primary and secondary deviance as a way of explaining labelling. Primary deviance is when no one knows it except u. secondary is caught, convicted, and labelled.  Howard Becker, Outsiders 1963—marijuana use isolated to musicians. He studied the jazz players. Need to learn how to get high, and then ur addicted.  Degradation ceremony—publically disgrace them, and degrade them. Ex: trials in public. Labelling theory calls this that  Remorse—what they have to show after theyre convict, if u don’t get a heavier sentence  Stigmatized—marker that distinguished u, label put by normal on deviants  Ostracize—make fun of them, make them feel extremely different and not welcome  Recidivism—how liklely to repeat. Labelling causesthat, they encourage repeating. By saying bad, more likely to commit more crimes. Through prison, become even worse offenders  Counterproductive—  Techniques of neutralization—excuses to justify or dissociate from deviant behaviour Envir
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