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SOCB44H3 Lecture 1 Why doesn’t Toronto international film festival happen in other parts of Ontario than Toronto the reason because Toronto is a more larger and dense population Culture – Toronto has a very diverse culture with many different cultures and religions Cities have always had larger dense populations to accommodate many things Infrastructure: city has many theaters in Toronto has many ( venues ) a lot of theatres to accommodate the large population Ex: Royal Thompson only in Toronto not anywhere else Toronto is accessible rather than Orangeville etc Orangeville is a rural area where resource are not that easily accessible. When you have an event like this you need to get people there easily unlike rural areas it would be very difficult. However in a city such a Toronto there’s a lot of accessibility such as public transportation planes taxis cars which you won’t find in rurals areas. As a result if a big event were to happen in a rural area such as Orangeville it wouldn’t have the resources to accommodate large volume of people.  Most people come to events like TIFF in planes, subways, cars, etc the reason because people from all around the world attend this big event  Accessibility is huge in a city because it without it a city wouldn’t be able to function properly  In Toronto if they were to build a stadium they would choose to put in downtown th
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