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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

Sept 17 2012 Lecture 2  For most of human history there is no such things as cities  Initial human settlement people were scattered all over the place some people were hunters and gathers What led to developing cites?  First urban settlements arose around 8000 BCE  These were not very big might have had a population of 5000 people  Largest Ancient city was Rome among all other ancient cities Why do people shift ? Why do people come together ? What type of conditions exist  Natural resources  Advantages of grouping together will provided protection  Water is a important resource you cannot have large perimeter without water  Water is used to irrigate crops  Idiocracy- planet ruined by idiots  Water is a huge consideration regarding urban settlements  Early urban settlements occurred around areas that had a supply of water for agriculture purposes  For examples Tigris Euphrates river is where one of the earliest urban settlements started due to the significant amount of water supply  If an environment has harsh conditions water is most likely not accessible  There is not a lot of desert cities  Most of the population in Canada is concentrated largely a function of climate  Transportation methods back then was only walking then boats was eventually made and technology advanced where transportation was seen as inanimate sources of energy  Transportation was very difficult back then when you want to get to one place to another  Language use of symbols which was used to communicate  If youre going to communicate you need to have a written symbolic code where people can understand and communicate  Agriculture surplus there has to be extra food for city so that people don’t strave  If food production is at a minimal level produce an agriculture surplus  Initially people would build a structure of worship for religious purposes and you would have a priest living in there however somebody had to feed them  People living in the agriculture surrounding would come to give food to the priest as gods blessing (hinterland)  People will set up food stands around the temple this also applies for prostitutes for the pilgrims that come to the church to satisfy their needs  What conditions exist on agriculture surplus ?  Innovation which makes agriculture more productive  Greater fertility helps crops grow, growing multiple crops in a year than just a few  In Egypt Ancient Egypt in the Nile river and delta river which is tremendously fertile  Egypt inve
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