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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

SOCB44: October 22, 2012 - readings for today’s class pp. 12-132 - readings for next week’s class: pp. 132 – 148 - next week to get the midterm? - Assignment = DUE DECEMBER 3 (See handout) Urban VS suburban now rather than rural VS urban before - simmel? See below 1846 to 1921 - European tradition - Nucleus for the American urban sociology - Sociology was born in Europe? - About societies in general not just cities Sought to explain the great transformation wrought by urbanization and industrialization - marx, Durkheim, etc. - urbanization and industrialization went hand in hand - not really the case in the “south” or 3 world countries - Toennies ? Gemeinschaft VS Gesellschaft - 1887 - two contrasting social life - gemeinschaft = community; new rural way of life - gesellschaft = association; new urban way of life - ^ ideal types o taken real life examples and purify them to take them and associate them with each other o comparisons with each other used in sociology o how are you? Gemeinschaft = someone will stop and ask you this VS gesellschaft = two of you will pass by and ignore each other ‘What do you want?’  Gesellschaft - selling you something, religion/solicitation, drugs and sex, mental health patients, etc. – most likely you are trying to get away of them - person is likely to be a stranger  unlike in Gemeinschaft – being friendly - it is the norm and it would be rude/anti-social if you ignore them and - you are likely to know the other person - Gemeinschaft (GM) = sense of communalism o responsibility to assist your neighbor and vice versa  e.g. barn raising VS insurance companies in gesellschaft 1 o tightly knit ethnic community o community will impose the norms and if you try to be an individual, it will shun you.  Individuals will not shine in particular in a gemeinschaft society o Family and kin are revolved around them  Money lending not from the bank but your family will provide the capital  Family law = family rules that count (e.g. marriage, inheritance of land) o marria
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