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John Hannigan

SOCB44: November 5, 2012 READINGS SCHEDULE: - October 22: pp. 120-32 - October 29: 132 – 40 - November 5: 141 – 47, 202 – 29 - November 12: 160 - 168 The Gold Coast and the slum - By Harvey Zorbaugh - 1929 - Start of Great Depression - Chicago: - 1.5 square miles – 90,000 residents - next to “the loop” – downtown area o subway trains on elevated tracks or “El” o the area around the elevated tracks were called the loop - Lake Michigan – neighborhood along the shore of lake Michigan called “the Gold Coast” o Rich neighborhood - The other side of this: “the slum” o Immigrants from Sicily (South of Italy) - Other areas in between those two: o bohemian areas o rooming houses - research techniques were unique at that time o observational techniques o as well as personal documents and life histories method o school essays o house to house surveys o official records  juvenile projective association  united charities o ethnographic research  first hand observations  detailed information about rural or isolated locations  e.g. bohemian and rooming houses  easier to study the slums than the rich because they are more powerless  more difficult to study about the rich because of their resistance o life histories or stories  e.g. “Life story of a Charity Girl”  started her life in Emporia, Kansas  redcaps  sad story 1  small town girl migrates into huge city of Chicago with great ambition but finds that city is not what she hoped it would be as it has full of strangers and end up working in a restaurant, disappointed with love life and penniless and lives in a rooming house with a dead end job  illustrates the abstract of what sociology of city of life is about  she doesn’t seem to know anyone, important because people most of the time move when they know a relative or a friend in that city or has personal contact  especially immigrants  sometimes, even whole village will move together into the city - city lacks social sentiments and traditions o what is the social glue that binds people together in cities?  Sports - Chicago is compared with small towns o Chicago has a more complete social life o All about individualism  as seen in The life of Charity Girl – left eve
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