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University of Toronto Scarborough
Vanina Sztainbok

January 27 2012 Lecture 2Movie Dangers of a single story1Can you name some of the discourses that are mobilized in the representation of AfricansAfrica is a place that is poverty and aidsAfrica is a beautiful place with great landscapes 2To what extent did your response to my initial question draw upon dominant discourses about AfricaIt is connected with the belief that the main issue is poverty that people face in Africa3What is an example of identity being informed by dominant discoursesrepresentationsThe way she would become a writer would be shaped by the books she would read particular types of characters Her room made was exposed to Africans being unable to work a stove and knowing English therefore she only had one way of thinking of Africa 4Use an example from Adichies lecture to illustrate the connection between knowledge and powerInteractions with someone from the US men are abusive she didnt assume that all men in the US are serial killers just by reading a book she has a broader knowledge that it is not true read British and American bookswrote about white children snow
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