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Week 11 Lecture Note

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Vanina Sztainbok

Week 11 Lecture: Guest Speaker: Chris Ramsaroop, Justice for Migrant Workers In history, government didnt want to bring in foreign workers (African, South Asian, Chinese, Japanese) Was worried that there was interracial marriage Didnt want to give entitlement for workers no welfare, health care, employment insurance, pension Pillars for program: people are tied to one employer, dont have access to permanent resident status, cannot stand up for your rights (otherwise deported back to country of origin) Immigration people coming for eight months but cannot apply for residency In 2000, we started to talk about the need for gender equity give women the opportunity to come to work Canada now has more temporary foreign workers than permanent residents Foreign workers especially from Caribbean and Philippine work in fast food restaurants Temporary foreign workers can come to Canada to work for four years and then not work for four years If you dont have genuine work permit, they send you home If you have a bad boss, they will abandon the bad boss but he will still rent workers and bring in contract workers Work
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