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Francisco Villegas

Lecture 3  Correction: description answers what questions and analysis answers how and why questions. Slide 2  Racism is not singular. o Oppression.  Structural differences affect access to opportunities.  Power is changing, not situated in one place/person.  Material symbolic benefit to the oppressor. Slide  Analyzing how we articulate social differences  Drawing from our experiential knowledge  Understanding how differential power and privilege work in society  Using race as an entry point  Extending the discussion to include global political economic issues  Engaging in a progressive politics for social transformation Slide 3  Relational (not only top-down, web)  Embossed in social relations, not natural or inherent in individuals Slide 5  What do we mean by foundational: help set up, the base, the very beginning and what holds it together. Slide  Foundational??? o –Arising???  Canada???  Even though??  And, some of the policies and societal behaviors in Canada today still exhibit a white settler project as we‟ll discuss in a couple of weeks. Slide 6  Pride in one‟s country.  Privileging of one‟s nation.  Beliefs, values – shared.  National symbols  beaver, melting pot (mosaic), flag, landmarks (CN tower), Tim Horton‟s, hockey. Slide 7  Chronology involved in the production of a nation. Slide Let‟s Break It Down  Nation o Collection of people o Believe they share a common past and are destined to share a common future  Continuum: Glorious past  present  even better future o Often have a common language o Sense of otherness from groups around them  Nationalism o Commitment to fostering above beliefs and o Promoting policies to do so (therefore nationalism takes constant work, repetition) Slide 8  National anthems, hockey, national holidays and events (remembrance day), wearing red and white, wearing maple leafs jersey, watching events and recording them (Olympics), nice, polite, eat bacon. Slide 10  Therefore: o Have to manage populations (in this case in terms of race). o Imagine a specific national identity. Slide 11  Cultural and physical genocide that occurred to the First Nations.  Canada first movement: creating an image of a northern face that represents monarchy and contrasting the U.S. who is more weaker and feminine.  Coherent identity. Slide Canada First Movement  Context o In the mid to late 1800s, what we now would describe as „Canadians‟ were having difficulties creating a coherent “identity” o Faced threats of being forcibly incorporated to  The U.S.  French speaking “Canada” o There was also a need to differentiate themselves from racialized communities o All this led to the Canada First Movement Slide Canada First Movement  Canada = Britain of the North  Canada‟s geographical location = unique  White Canadians o Had a link to other “northern races” (European?) o Different from the U.S.  Linked environment to character o Described environment strong and masculine versus places in the south which were describes as feminine and therefore “weaker” (gender) Slide 15 Contractions of the Canada First Movement  1. Presence of French and Aboriginal communities o If Canada was only fit for „northern races‟ which they describes as white Anglo Saxon?  ?  ?  2. Need for labor  immigration o In order to build a country, and keep up with their American neighbours, Canada needed people power  Reproduction was not enough, needed to recruit immigrants (some of them from non “white” regions as we saw in the Dua). Slide  Mackey:? o ?  Similarly, o ?  The Group of seven shifted tho
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