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Francisco Villegas

Lecture 4 Continuous Journey – Ali Kazimi  Vancouver in 1914: o White Canada forever  Day 1: May 23 1914.  Hindu invaders in Komogata Maru.  People from India refer to themselves as Hindoostan.  Malcolm Reid o Dominion immigration agent o As Canada’s west coast gatekeeper has enormous power.  Gurduwat is known for suing people. Here he is fighting for more than his interest. Travelling with his 9 year old son.  Guduwat doesn’t know that Reid is the tip of the iceberg.  H.H Stevens: o Conservative and member of the parliament.  Like passengers on ship, Indians on shore are Sikhs.  Guru Govind Singh o Made keeping hair mandatory o Gave them one name: Singh o Gurduwara: community center and temple  Jack Uppal’s father Dhillip Singh tried helping the passengers.  1914: o In Vancouver the Sikh community was struggling to fit in.  Hussain Rahim: o Sikh but Muslim.  J. Edward Bird: o The only lawyer willing to take on this case. o This small Indian group decides to do something.  Komogata Maru used to be a German ship. Not a single European was turned away. Then it was sold to a Japanese and the Sikh people are stuck in a limbo.  Authorities did everything to stop Indians from settling here.  Anti-Asian drives. Canada was still stuck in the empire. We don’t conduct our own foreign policy.  Unlike Chinese and Indians (who had no leverage) who couldn’t come, Japanese could.  Assumption that all British subjects were equal among the empire.  In 1908: Prime Minister Laurier asked Mackenzie…?  Climate of Canada isn’t suited to India so they shouldn’t be allowed here.  Canadian Pacific Line: directly from India to Canada. Government wanted this cancelled.  Day 2: o Food supplies for passengers are running low. Does not let him meet with Bird and Ottawa helps out in not letting him.  Kirpal Gill: nephew of passenger who told story.  Day 4: o Government responsible for damage. Gurduwar sends message to Reid about information he needs. Reid passes it on to his boss. o Komogata Maru will have to turn back by Japanese owner and not Canadians.  May 31 1914: o Komogata Maru departure seems like it’s going to happen. o People are celebrating because of Reid’s strategy. o Have a few days to get $15000. o Priest of Sikh temple: Balwat Singh.  William Hophkinson o One man for secret intelligence. o His targets are Balwat and Balgat Singh.  Ghadar: Indian army veterans and Sikhs.  Sikhs helped British. Were well rewarded. Owned nearly 40%. Favorite sons of the British by world war.  Didn’t have the right to vote in Canada. Had to do laboring tasks.  Oppressed at home. No peace abroad. We strangers have no country of our own.  $5000 raised but not enough to take over. Need $10000.  Main object of our coming is to tell British how to rule Indians there.  Officers being hurried from South Africa.  Most of the men have connection with army. They write to them but no reply.  Felt betrayed.  Day 18: o Japanese Canadian fisherman helping to get food to the ship. o Cold summer in Ottawa. Robert Borden never supported Asians. He is letting the government settle things. o The only good Indian was a dead Indian.  June 10 1914 o Reid’s plan is unraveling. o Shore community pulls it off. They play the balance  June 20 1914  Day 20: o Gurduwan Singh no longer takes control of he ship.  Day 31: o H.H. Stevens and mayor call a public meeting.
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